Helping Others Build Their Dream is a Sacred Event

Ministry Making & Maintenance; Corp Compliance Consultants, Inc.

Ministry Making & Maintenance Inc. is THE leading Sacramental Ministry making and compliance consultancy performing the extent of services we provide.  We are based in Lake Forest, CA but serve the surrounding areas and all of California, Oregon and Washington. We build dreams for others, creating & Consulting for Religious Entity Founders and Nonprofit Religious Corporations establishing Sacramental Ministry Centers of all Faiths. 

We offer regulatory compliance services for your Spiritual Healing Center, Temple, Ministry and Church Center.

Church Founding
Healing Sacraments
Religious Freedom
First Amendment Rights
Religious Corporations

With 30 years experience in all media, humanitarian, civil and personal fields of Spiritual growth, plus a thorough understanding of all Federal and US Supreme Court Laws and protections, we are qualified to assist you. Be sure reach out to us if you're interested in our entheogen, healing sacraments, or ministry and spiritual consultant services.